Our Associates

THIMI CERAMICS is proud to be associated with

Ani Kasten
US ceramist and sculptor (owner of Ani Kasten Ceramics in Wasington DC).
Ani Kasten was a first ceramist who assisted us to develop our first Stoneware pottery. She was with us for 4 years at Thimi Ceramics for the research and development of this Fine Stoneware technology in Nepal. Now she is helping us marketing in the USA.

Late Jim Danisch
Team Leader of Ceramics Promotion Project, which developed the first oil-fired kilns and glazed ceramics technology in Nepal and helped many potters establish workshops.
He supported us from beginning of our factory up to now. He continues to organize pottery trips to Nepal and has worked with us as family.

Doug Casebeer

Doug Casebeer
Program director – Ceramics and Sculpture Dept. Anderson Ranch Arts Center, USA
With the kind cooperation of Doug Casebeer, we succeeded to organize joint culture and technical exchange workshops many times since 1991. He has visited Nepal and Thimi many times and knows us best as Thimi traditional potters.


Late Carole Erwin
Ceramist of UK
As market promoter Carol Erwin assisted us in designing products that match our cultural tradition. Her kind help expanded our relations with hotels, restaurants and residential foreigners.