Stoneware Project 2001

Thimi Ceramics brothers, Santa Kumar and Laxmi Kumar Prajapati, began researching and developing Stoneware Ceramics for the first time in 2001 (before anyone) with assistance of a young American potter, Ani Dagmar Kasten. The project was sponsored by the Ramsay Merrian Fund in Washington, D.C., USA.

In 2004, after 3 years of experimenting, we started export marketing and sold to famous hotels and restaurants of Kathmandu.

Ani Kasten worked jointly with the Thimi Ceramics team.

Our achievements

We use indigenous red clay of Kathmandu valley to make thin and precise pottery. We are proud of our quality control and good service.

Our stoneware

The new designs were created with utmost simplicity in mind. We make very thinly thrown pots that are light and pleasant to hold, as well as clean and modern in their design so that they will fit beautifully in any home.

The dream of our father and our aim expanded after both of us had traveled several times to the Anderson Ranch Arts Center (America), where we were exposed to advanced US ceramics technology. From then we determined to produce stoneware ceramics in our factory (instead of the prevailing earthenware technology of Nepal).