Earthenware And Stoneware

What are Earthenware and Stoneware ?

Stoneware is a hard, vitreous (glass-like) type of Pottery fired at a high temperature (about 2,200°F, or 1,200°C to 2399°F, or 1315°C). Compared to earthenware, which is soft, porous and absorbs water, stoneware is hard, non-porous and waterproof. At these temperatures, the glaze also becomes very strong, and resistant to scratching.

The clay color is dark brown, Glazing decorates and gives it a smooth, washable finish.  We have many glaze colors available, and will provide painted decoration or your logo on special order.

Compared to earthenware, which is soft, absorbs water and chips easily, stoneware does not scratch or chip and is waterproof.  It is microwave and dishwasher safe, can be produced thinner and lighter etc.

Most ceramic tableware that is imported to Nepal is made from stoneware.  Thimi Ceramics is proud to be the first producer of hand-made stoneware in Nepal.  Our products are strong, do not chip or crack easily, and are hygienic because they can be washed without absorbing water. 

Earthenware Vs. Stoneware