What do we make

Our tableware products includes dinner sets, tea and coffee sets, large serving bowls and platters etc. It is easy to create beautiful table setting to suit individual taste by choosing from the many original designs in a verity of subtle, attractive glazes. The designs strive to retain the traditional flavor of Nepal, while at the same appealing to a contemporary aesthetic.

Available Colors with their respective Color code and Name
Color CodeNameColor CodeName
# 26 Dark Olive # 109 Ocher (Mustard Yellow)
# 94 Black (Satin) # 122 Matt Grey
# 104 Robin's Egg blue # 127
# 125 Carole's Blue # 128
# 54 Light Green (Lichen Green) # 129 Teal Green
# 83 Shiny White w/ brown speckles # 130 Aqua Blue